Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Yana Gupta’s item song is too bold and raunchy in Murder 2 to be aired on small screen!

Yana Gupta’s sizzling item song Zara Kareeb Se from Murder 2 will not be seen in the promos of the movie, as the censor Board thinks it’s too provoking, and more than that, ‘horrific’.
As per reports, the raunchy item song where Yana is shown like an ultimate sex kitten appeared to the members of the Censor Board as gory and very evocative. Thus unfit for TV screening.
According to Mohit Suri, the director of the movie, the song is really in-your-face. “It was felt that the concept itself is not suitable to be viewed by everyone. The graphics are explicit. It needed an adult certification and on television you cannot monitor the audience,” the director is quoted as telling.
After the Censors banned the song from the promos, Mohit re-shot the song, which is a thrilling number, with the lead pair of the movie Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez.
Murder 2 releases on July 8.

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