Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Shia LaBeouf: 'I'm Not Coming Back' to 'Transformers'

According to MTV, the resident bad boy has completed his run with robots. He's starred in all three of the franchise's films, which have all proved to be blockbuster hits, but when asked at the MTV
Movie Awards last week if this would be his last, he said "For sure, I'm not coming back to do another one. I don't think [director, Michael Bay] will either."

Yet, the ever-so-confident star is not foolish enough to think that if he and Bay walk away from the film that the whole franchise will call it quits.

"It still is a hot property, I think, especially coming out of the third one. So I imagine they'll reboot it at some point with someone else." But LaBeouf won't walk away and never look back, "You have an onus in it. I'll enjoy it. I'll go [see it] opening night, I'll be there. But there is a disconnect. It's mine, dude."

LaBeouf's take on the third film is nothing short of spectacular. He gushed about how 'Dark of the Moon' is the best movie they've made.

"It's not a joke. I'm dead honest, man. I get myself in trouble all the time, but this is our best installment. It's our best movie." He continued, "It's the best action, in terms of the geography. In the second one, you get confused as to who's fighting who and where you are, because it's such a big landscape. This one is 'Black Hawk Down'-ish. It's one location, and the geography is simple to understand."

LaBeouf is joined by Tyrese Gibson, John Malkovich and Ken Jeong in the third 'Transformers' installment, set for release on June 29.

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