Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Shahid Kapoor saves Sonam the flames practically reached her body!

It was a fiery encounter on the sets of Mausam. Rather, it was a true calamity that rocked the sets. Seemingly, Sonam's dupatta was to have caught fire in a scene and the accompanying wind fanned the fire to such an extent that the flames practically reached her body. Shahid Kapoor luckily had the presence of mind to stop the fire and avoid a potential disaster.

A close source says, "Sonam didn't realize that her dupatta was actually on fire and it was Shahid who stepped in and stomped on it with such force that the flames were put out immediately though the dupatta was completely ripped. The shoot resumed after some time after the new dupattas were brought in. Sonam did thank Shahid but more than becoming better friends there were no sparks flying between the two."

The reference, incidentally, is to Mother India wherein Sunil Dutt rescued Nargis who was caught in a fire sequence in the movie and ran the risk of being burnt.

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