Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Sanjay Dutt desires to Mentor Hrithik in his gym!

Sanjay Dutt is very inundated with Hrithik Roshan’s hot body. So much so that Sanjay now wants to get rid of the flab in his body and tone himself up. It seems that Sanjay was very impressed by the way Hrithik maintained his body after doing his last film Guzaarish. Now Sanjay is very keen to work with Hrithik and beat all the fat in his body.
If sources are to be believed then Sanju baba wants Hrithik to be his guru at the gym. He had even called the Guzaarish star and said him that he wants to work out at the gym with him. When Hrithik tried to offer a trainers number who helps him work out personally, Sanjay turned it down and was adamant on working with just him.
According to him since Hrithik was young, he would have the patience to work with him and tell him what all is important to have a fit body. Sanjay was very astonished wondering how Hrithik had toned up his body and got back to his six-pack abs within such a short span of time. He wanted to work with Hrithik personally as he was comfortable in working with him. The both of them got at ease while working together for Mission Kashmir.

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