Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Saman says, Aamir Khan is an Encyclopedia of knowledge!

Aamir and Salman are actually close to each other and both of them do not shilly-shally to admire each other’s talent. Freshly Salman called his close friend Aamir a book of knowledge. During the first promotion of Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Chillar Party which is being produced by Salman Khan Being Human Productions, Salman gave a nickname to friend Amir calling him a book of knowledge.
A book of knowledge is just an expansion for the word encyclopedia. The nickname has been inspired by names of one of the characters of the film. The movie is about a bunch of kids who are pure by heart but are very bothersome. They live their life to the fullest without caring about anything until one day a dog enters their life facing danger from a corrupt politician.
The kids have been given the names of Encyclopedia, Panauti, Secondhand, Silencer, Aflatoon, and Shaolin respectively. According to Salman Khan the nickname ‘Encyclopedia’ suits Amir Khan more as he stands at the top position in Bollywood. Salman is very excited about his first home production movie and says that the movie would remind everyone of their childhood days. Ranbir Kapoor is also doing an item number for this film.

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