Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Ram Sampath and Anubhav Sinha engage in war of words for 'Bhaag DK Bose'!

Composer Ram Sampath and "Ra.One" director Anubhav Sinha are engaged in war of words - the latter slammed Sampath's song "DK Bose" from "Delhi Belly" by calling it "unfit" and the music director retorted by labelling Sinha a charlatan.
Sinha, who has earlier made movies like "Tum Bin", "Tathasthu" and "Cash" among others, told that "DK Bose" is unfit on moral grounds and inappropriate for children.
He went on to add that Aamir Khan, who has produced "Delhi Belly", is taking people for granted and that he would feel embarrassed if his nine-year-old son sings the song.
"It's very juvenile what Anubhav is saying. The first thing that struck me when I got to know about his comments was that it's sheer hypocrisy and there is obviously some other angle, some other agenda involved," Sampath said.
"Anubhav himself has churned out songs like 'Saiyyan sehri lage hai mohe sexy' and 'Love the way you touch me' and then he turns back and tell me that my song is wrong?
"He is being silly. People should get off that high horse that they are riding on and smell the coffee. This is the real world. We have created a song that the censor board has passed. How can somebody accuse our song like this? There is no basis," incuded a noticeably annoyed Sampath.
The "DK Bose" lyrics, which are similar to Hindi slang, have been penned by Amitabh Battacharya and have become a rage. Freshly Aamir had also organized a success party for the song, a first in Bollywood.
Sampath feels that the fame of the song is not going too well with the director.
"It's obvious that these comments and becoming the moral police is for cheap publicity. We are doing original work which I think is worrying these guys," told the composer.

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