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New Release - Always Kabhi Kabhi (17th June 2011)

First Look of Always Kabhi Kabhi:

Synopsis of Always Kabhi Kabhi:

Always Kabhi Kabhi is a story of four unique lives trying to compete with the pressures of growing up and the first's we all experience in school... From crushes to classes, from bunking to break ups...
A modern age Romeo named Sameer whose biggest theory of living life is through shortcuts. Who has eyes only for his Juliet, this dreamy eyed girl called who is a new admission in school. Aish leads a life, which is lived by her but designed by her mother.
Tariq, is Sam's best friend and the geek who has the cheek to be cool but carries the burden of having to excel at everything. His sole ambition is to study and to try staying out of Nadini's way...
Nandini is the school brat who you love to hate and hate to love. Living life on her terms and breaking rules to make her own makes Nandini the most envied girl in school and no one agrees to that more than Tariq...
It's the final year at St. Marks, where they study and where life has many lessons for these carefree souls. But to the questions which life throws at them, they have only one answer "Kabhi Kabhi Jo Dil Kahe, Always Wohi Karein".

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Cast and Crew of Always Kabhi Kabhi:

Red Chillies Entertainment
Eros Entertainment



Release Date
June 17, 2011



Gauri Khan

Roshan Abbas

Star Cast
Ali Fazal...... Sameer
Giselle Monteiro...... Aishwarya Dhawan
Zoa Morani...... Nandini
Satyajeet Dubey...... Tariq Naqvi
Satish Shah
Lilette Dubey...... Ms. Das
Vijay Raaz...... Professor Agarwal urf Agro
Mukesh Tiwari
Manoj Joshi
Akash Khurana...... Principal Elton Phillips
Navneet Nishan...... Mrs. Dhawan
Ashwin Mushran...... Rahul Ghosh

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Bhavin Dhanak
Apeksha Dandekar
Benny Dayal
Roshan Abbas
Suhail Kaul
Ishq Bector
Sunidhi Chauhan
Aditi Singh Sharma
Naresh Iyer
Shefali Alvaris
Shafqat Amanat Ali
Anupam Amod
Vinnie Hutton

Roshan Abbas
Amitabh Bhattacharya
Prashant Pandey
Irfan Siddique

Music Director
Aashish Rego
Shree D
Pritam Chakraborty

Media Relations
Rohini Iyer
Raindrop Media

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