Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Mark Ballas Teaches Kim Kardashian and Fiance Ballroom Dancing

Although we're sure Kim Kardashian knows how to get down at the club, she is apparently not so seasoned when it comes to her ballroom dancing skills. According to Celebuzz, both Kardashian

and her fiancé, Kris Humphries, are brushing up on their step-ball-changes in anticipation of their forthcoming nuptials -- and the couple's teacher is none other than Kardashian's former 'Dancing with the Stars' partner, Mark Ballas.

But can Kardashian really glide across the dance floor in platform silver-toed stiletto Louboutins? Maybe she's got a pair of more dance appropriate shoes tucked in her custom citrus yellow Hermes bag. And although he's one to be reckoned with on the basketball court, we can't imagine Humphries getting his graceful Waltz on. The pair -- Humphries is 6'9" and Kardashian 5'2" -- will sure be quite the sight when they hit the floor on their wedding night.

So how does Kardashian reward her fiance for being such a good sport when it comes to rehearsing their post-nuptial moves? The threesome headed to a nearby bakery following their dance lesson to indulge Humphries' sweet tooth. The dancing friends also have been quite the foot-tapping group outside of the studio.

"I went to Katsuya on Monday night for a fun dinner with Mark, Mark's girlfriend Pia from American Idol and Robin. So good to catch up!" Kardashian wrote on her Celebuzz blog.

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