Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Lindsay Lohan Throws Roof Party While on House Arrest (Photos)

Lindsay Lohan isn't exactly doing a stellar job of making her house arrest stint look like time spent reflecting on her latest indiscretion. The actress threw a roof party on Sunday, letting every
paparazzo and tourist with a point-and-shoot capture her blatant disregard for the judge's orders to lay low while staying in.

Lohan hosted a house arrest party on the roof of her Venice Beach pad. Guests indulged in cold beers and wine while Lohan, who wasn't seen partaking in the booze, mingled among her guests, cigarette in hand.

And the party was apparently so epic that it called for a costume change as the night wore on -- Lohan started the day in jean cut-offs and a loose, blue-printed blouse and ended the evening in a revealing, low-cut black dress.

Lohan in currently at the midpoint of her 35 day house arrest sentence -- the punishment resulting from her guilty plea for stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice Beach jewelry store. The forthcoming 'Gotti: Three Generations' star was also sentenced to 480 hours of community service.

We have a feeling that if house arrest looks this good, socialites everywhere won't think twice about pulling a five finger discount.

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