Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

Lindsay Lohan Shoots Commercial While on House Arrest

Apparently you can't keep this working girl down. Lindsay Lohan who has been spending some court ordered time at home as of late hasn't let her staycation go to waste. The house arrest ham
filmed a commercial from the confines of her cozy quarters to the tune of more than $25,000.

So what's Lohan hawking? She's spreading the word about an Internet penny auction website called, And according to Lohan, it's her newest obsession -- right.

"Hey to all my friends, I just want to share with you that during some of my time at home, I found this amazing site with great deals. It's called Be sure to check it out," Lohan says in the promo.

According to TMZ, Lohan was originally thrown $25K for the gig but in the end, the initial offer was reportedly far too minimal a fee for the 14 second spot. While the revised fee has not been disclosed, Lohan was also given a $10,000 credit to spend on the site.

Getting her 'Bid' clicking finger ready, Lohan also tweeted her well paid support for the company: "What's a girl to do when she's at home? Jump online to and get shopping!"

Lohan is currently serving a four month house arrest sentence for stealing a necklace from a Venice, California jewelry store. But from making bank with a split second commercial spot to throwing house arrest parties to painting, Lohan is making her court ordered reflection time look like a total breeze.

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