Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

The king of Bollywood Shahrukh admires Salman Khan in film "Ready"!

The king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan was all in praise for Salman Khan’s upcoming comedy film, ‘Ready’. If news is to be believed then, Shah Rukh Khan was very hopeful about the movie and feels that it would be a big hit. The movie ‘Ready’ is the most awaited of this month, where the viewers would Salman’s fans would get to see Salman in a comic role. This movie also stars Ghajni actress, Asin in the lead. The two songs, Character Dheela and Dhinka Chika from the movie is doing really well and are topping the charts everywhere.
But Shah Rukh did not confirm whether he would go to watch the movie or not but has confirmed that his two kids, would go and watch the movie. Shah Rukh even liked Salman’s last two films, ‘Wanted and Dabangg’. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are considered to be the biggest rivals in Bollywood and are not in talking terms with each other at all. This fight started off between the two way back in 2008 when Salman had thrown a lavish birthday party for  his Ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif. It was said that the two Khans got into a huge fight as a result their camaraderie was called off.

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