Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Kim Kardashian To Sport Decoy Engagement Ring

Apparently toting $2 million on your little finger is enough to make even Kim Kardashian, the queen of bling, a little uncomfortable. Kris Humphries proposed to the reality star with a 20.5
carat bauble, but as much as she loves the fabulous frosting, she's decided to commission a decoy ring, according to Radar Online.

"Kim is having a replica of her ring made," an inside source told Radar. "It's going to be perfect and really difficult to detect that it's a fake to the untrained eye. But it will be a huge weight off of Kim's mind."

Not only will the cubic zirconia replica put Kardashian's mind at ease, it should also give her, now weighty, finger a breather.

"Walking around wearing a ring that's worth around half the value of her house worries her sick, but at the same time she wants to wear the ring all the time," the source continued.

So how will the raven-haired beauty decide when to wear the decoy and when to go with the real deal? Kardashian will reportedly only wear the real diamond when she attends special events and skip taking her $2 million bling along when she hits the gym or nail salon.

But don't think the faux ring will look any worse for the wear. Kardashian is commissioning a top jeweler to craft the identical trinket.

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