Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Jennifer Hudson Hospitalized In Between Morning Show Concerts

Jennifer Hudson was hospitalized Friday morning with stomach pains during a break between concert appearances on ABC's 'Good Morning America' and CBS' 'Early Show,' her rep told reporters and fans.

Later it was revealed that she was treated for food poisoning.

The Grammy and Oscar winner scheduled two big events for Friday to promote her new album, 'I Remember Me,' and made it through her 'GMA' visit. But before she could hit the CBS stage she became ill with "abdominal pain" and was "unable to perform" and was taken to an undisclosed hospital and released.

On 'GMA,' Hudson spoke with Robin Roberts in Central Park about her busy schedule, which includes a memoir, two films and raising a son, David Daniel Otunga Jr.

A spokesperson for Weight Watchers, Hudson has shown dramatic weight loss in the last year. When asked what she does when she feels she's in a rut in her fitness goals, Hudson replied "You have to keep doing what you did to get to that point, and you'll get further. I always say if you keep at it ... you got to that point, don't fix something that's not broke. Keep that going and keep it consistent, and you'll get there."

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