Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Jennifer Aniston Introduces New Boyfriend to Her Friends

She hasn't been dating him very long but that didn't stop Jennifer Aniston from introducing new guy Justin Theroux to her friends this past weekend.

A source tells PEOPLE that the 'Horrible Bosses' star threw a little party last Friday night and used it as an opportunity to introduce Theroux to some of her closest buddies, including Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler.

"They all had a great time and enjoyed Justin's company," the source told PEOPLE. The couple, which met last fall while making the upcoming film, 'Wanderlust,' are "doing great," the source added. "He's edgier than the guys Jen usually dates. She really likes him!"

"Jen is totally into him," a source told "They have been hanging out for months. She wants to be with him all the time. She's diving in headfirst," the source added.

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