Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

It’s official, Current Lovers Ranbir and Katrina in Ayan Mukerjee’s next!

Lovers Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are back together onscreen in Ayan Mukerjee’s next flick.
A source tells, “Ayan was going back and forth about who to cast in the film. It was a very difficult period given Ranbir’s relationship with Kat was on the rocks. They were going through a rough phase and it wasn’t clear if they would want to work with each other immediately or take a short break. Ayan’s heart was set on Katrina, but he was also considering options.”
Initially, news had it that either Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma would be the leading lady of the project. However, now we learn is that Deepika was never in Ayan’s mind, though she is pretty close to the director.
The source discloses, Ayan wants to make a film with RK and Dippy but it isn’t this one. There was confusion after he told a couple of people at a party that he wants to make a movie with Deepika.
Adding that this has been one of the toughest decisions for Ayan, the source says, Anushka would have loved to do the film and had even told friends how excited she was about getting to work with RK. But things didn’t workout and Ayan went back to his original choice Katrina.
Now, Katrina Kaif has been finalized for the leading lady opposite Ranbir Kapoor. Pre-production work for the movie will start in the coming months and there will be an official announcement regarding the casting soon.

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