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Intresting Things About Kristen Stewart|Kristen Stewart Latest,Best,Cute,Everseen Images|Kristen Stewart

Today I will tell you some interesting things about Kristen Stewart which you probably didn’t know, Let’s start with short intro, Her full name is Kristen Jaymes Stuart (born April 9, 1990) in Los Angeles, California, If you think that you know every thing about her then you might be wrong.

10. She has never missed any episode of Bosom Buddies.
09. She Isn’t as hot as she thinks she is
08. Chutney is her favorite word
07. She loves when hot tea is poured on her eye lids, it makes her smile.
06. She thinks is located in the Amazon and wonders how can they ship so fast.. Really???
05. She laughs when old people fall
04. She wants to win the Academy Award one day for “Because No One Else Starred In A Movie This Year.”
03. Paranormal Activity is her favorite documentary
02. She has over 3k songs in her iPod and all are the Macarena
01. She Likes to role play in bed and sometimes lets Rob Pattinson be the man

This twilight babe is one of the most popular young celebrities, and here we have the some wallpapers of Kristen Stewart for you, you are going to like them for sure!

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