Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

Ila Arun will play Mamata Bannerjee in a film?

Singer-actress Ila Arun, who will be seen in crossover movie 'West is West', would like to play West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bannerjee in a movie.
'If given a chance, I would love to play Mamata Banerjee in a movie. I love her. She is a very intelligent women and full of life. I want to wear rubber chappals and plain saree like her and play a dynamic politician,' Ila said journalists.
Last seen in Shyam Benegal's national award winning movie 'Well Done Abba', Ila will be seen playing the role of discarded and abandoned wife in 'West is West', which is a sequel to crossover movie 'East is East' directed by Andy DeEmmony.
'I have enjoyed doing the role of a rejected and abandoned women in the film. I worked very hard for it and have learned Pakistani Punjabi,' said Ila, who has teamed up with veteran actor Om Puri in the film, which releases June 10.

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