Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Hrithik Roshan says, I’m not the best dancer in the country, city or my neighbourhood!

The synonym of dance is Hrithik Roshan swears by his bone-bending dance steps but the actor himself is quite indifferent about his talent as a dancer. The actor feels honored when seen as a symbol for dance in the country.
Hrithik Roshan is set to make his small screen debut with a dance reality show, ‘Just Dance’, on Star Plus. The show goes on air on June 18 and Hrithik will judge it along with choreographers Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant.
While promoting the show at a press conference, Hrithik spoke about his own skill as a dancer.
“I find every dance difficult. Whenever I start rehearsals, I start from zero and I feel that I can’t do this. Then I slowly learn. I’m no god of dance, but I’m very happy with the fact that I have become a symbol for dance and that through me, so many other brilliant gods of dance will get an opportunity,” Hrithik said the media persons.
Hrithik also astonished everybody by saying that he’s not even the best dancer in the city or neighborhood, but yeah! he really puts in a lot of efforts and is a true hard worker.
“I’m blessed that I have become a symbol for something that stands for such a great talent. But I’m not the best dancer in the country, city or my neighbourhood. I’m just a very hardworking dancer,” he included.

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