Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Both John and Bipasha have new dating partners in love life!

Love is in the air and John Abraham is feeling it as well. The superstar hunk who freshly snapped off his seven year long relationship with the dusky beauty, Bipasha Basu, is said to be dating an upcoming model named Priya. However, it was shocking for John and Bipasha’s fans when they got to know about the break up.
At present Bipasha is rumored to be seeing Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett. Bipasha got into a relationship with Josh, when the star came down to India to shoot for a movie with her. John is even very happy to be dating Priya as he feels his level of comfort and compatibility with the upcoming model is good and can go a long way.
John and Bipasha broke up due to wedding issues as the dusky beauty wanted to settle down with John, whereas John was not so amused by the idea and wanted to settle down properly with his career. As a result the two split up their ways and moved on. If reports are to be believed then such issues had come up earlier as well but when the matters got sorted out the couple seemed to be fine with each other. The two fell in love while they were shooting for, ‘Jism’.

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