Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Asin is never felt over shadowed by working with superstars of Bollywood!

Asin, who rose to huge fame with her first film, ‘Ghajni’, starring opposite the perfectionist of Bollywood, feels that whatever she has achieved as an actress and whatever she is achieving as an actress is totally satisfying for her.

According to the pretty actress, she likes going with the flow and is in no hurry to do something extra in her life. Just three movies old, Asin has worked with superstars like Amir Khan, Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan, in movies like, Ghajni, London Dreams and Ready. However the actress does not wish to compete or compare herself with any other actress in Bollywood as she is very satisfied with appreciation she gets for the work she does.
Asin never felt over shadowed by working with superstars of Bollywood and always showed a lot of excitement in working with them. Before getting into Bollywood, Asin has even worked with Southern superstar Kamal Hasan in the film, Dasavathraam, where she portrayed the character of a Brahmin girl in the movie. At present Asin is at ease with her work and does not wish to hurry onto every project. Asin even won the Best Debutant Actor Female at the Filmfare awards function. She is the brand ambassador of Big Bazaar fashion clothing.

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