Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

After Munni & Sheila it’s Character Dheela

Zarine Khan is on cloud nine as “Character Dheela” from the film Ready fast climbs its way onto the music charts.

The song picturized on Salman Khan and Zarine Khan pays tribute to the different hit Hindi movie pairs of the past, right from Shahzada Saleem and Anarkali, Raj Kapoor and Nargis to Viru and Basanti .

Zarine Khan is overwhelmed with the accolades coming her way ever since the song hit screens –In fact the actress is now flooded with offers to perform the song at various do’s.

Says a source “Zarine has received rave reviews for Character Dheela –she has been flooded with requests to perform the song at various shows and events. The song is as huge a chartbuster as Munni and Sheila were “

Adds Zarine Khan “I feel proud to be associated with film and my appearance in the song Character Dheela Hai. I feel lucky that I could get a chance to perform on the songs that belonged to Nargisji and Hemaji. I couldn't have asked for more in my second film”

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