Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Afte eight years gap, Rohit Shetty's action cop thriller 'Singham' with favorite Ajay Devgan!

Rohit Shetty, well-known for directing comedies, is coming out with an action movie called 'Singham' after eight years. It is a cop film and up in theatres July 22.
Reliance Entertainment's 'Singham', a remake of Tamil hit of the same name, has the milieu around Maharashtra and Shetty has roped in his favorite actor Ajay Devgn as a Marathi cop Bajirao Singham and southern actress Kajal Aggarwal as his love interest.
Shetty's debut movie 'Zameen' that came in 2003 was an action thriller and he had teamed up with Ajay, Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu for the film, which got a lukewarm response at the box office.
After that the director shifted his focus on comedies and churned out hits one after another - 'Golmaal' franchise, 'Sunday' and 'All the Best: Fun Begins'.
'Singham' is his second action film after eight years. If the director enjoys making fun film, he loves shooting elaborate action sequences, which were a must in his comedies.
For 'Singham', he went a step further and blew up 20 cars for the opening sequence as he didn't want to compromise on high-octane action scenes.
'The scene is set in a parking lot where a kidnapping takes place. It is a chase scene between Ajay and some gangsters for which we will require to blow up cars. In the shot, there will be about 200 cars, out of which we will blow up 20 cars,' he had told.

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