Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Aamir Khan becomes soft target for ‘Bhag DK Bose’ due to producer of film!

The favorite soundtrack amongst the youth today is the song ‘Bhag DK Bose’ from the movie ‘Delhi Belly’. This track has been very successful and almost every youngster has this song on his lips. Since Aamir Khan is the producer of the movie, he is now the main target to be criticized for the song. At first the director of the film Ra.One, Anubhav Sinha criticized Aamir regarding the lyrics of the song ‘DK Bose’ telling that it is dangerous if children listen to it and when you speak it out fast everybody knows what it means.
He also told that Aamir being a responsible citizen should have kept these things in mind while creating the lyrics for this song. Now after Anubhav Sinha, the producer of the movie ‘Shaitan’, Anurag Kashyap also powerfully disapproves of this song. However, Anurag’s movie ‘Shaitan’ is also an adult film which stars his wife ‘Kalki Koechlin’. Apparently ‘Shaitan’ also contains some strong adult scenes. However Aamir Khan came out and clarifies everything saying that his upcoming film which stars his nephew Imran Khan is even though an adult comedy but does not have any explicit scenes and is not meant for small children.

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