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A wedding day is more likely to be one of the most precious days in their life. Therefore, brides are waiting to look and feel their best.

Every bride should wear makeup. Even as a bride to be mostly does wear makeup – on her wedding day, a game must be worn!Bridal make-up should not radically change the appearance of a bride.

This is should simply enhance the natural beauty of a woman and still look like the person once they had the wedding makeup applied.

A bride should look like it is, and feel satisfied with her makeup and not cause wheezing when a girl totally different looking emerges through the door and in the driveway!
Bridal makeup and hair today should be mild and sober. The effect is sexier, less harsh. Hair can be worn with flowing curls and loose waves. The bun that once conquered the bride scene hair looks so much sweeter.

Updo style of today is not sprayed, pinned, and hidden to hide all the loose hair. The light fell and ruffled, leaving it soft and elegant. The hairstyle should be romantic.

Sometimes the simplest wedding makeup is the best! Wear a foundation flawless base. It’s so important that if you wanna get the perfect picture of your wedding. It gives you a good base and even the color.

You can choose from liquid foundations or tablets made from cream. Even the mineral makeup powder is ideal for wedding makeup, because it lasts all day!

Give your lips a hint of brightness or color of light for a pretty pout! Kissing lips will naturally lead to the breathtaking beauty makeup for your wedding!

Apply a light translucent powder to sensitive areas of the face to shine. Today, the bride wants to show its beauty in a natural setting, so sensual.

Make-up can provide the bride confidence and simple elegance that will be remembered often.


Celebrities and stars are among the main sources of ideas and notions as far as beauty and fashion is concerned. The runway is the generator but the celebrities are the marketers of these looks and style. Every year is a New Year’s ravishing mixtures of colors, designs, hairstyles and fashion statements. Pair up your individualistic ideas with that of the glamour under the limelight.

Notable makeup is one look which settles in within the boundaries of the average. Meaning, there is no going overboard or going under board. Additionally, the makeup perfectly complements the facial features and the skin tone of the wearer making it more of a part of the face rather than an add-on.Variations in makeup products have come in trends and are widely available in forms suitable to almost all skin types.

The star, Kim Kardashian, has always looked glamorous as a public figure. Her markedly good body and chic get-ups make her a good prospect to investigate. Her makeup has always showed the feminine side of a woman – gentle, sophisticated and elegant.

If you think the bold colors will suit you best, don’t hesitate – jump for it. In relation to the New Year’s new trends in makeup set-ups, Kim have chosen favorable colors and hues during a red carpet even which specially emphasized beautiful features of her face without having one overpowering the other.

She took the liberty of enhancing her eyes and bon structure. Use of foundation is particularly important here as it will serve as a base for flawless look. Plum eye shadows, false eyelashes and a finish of bronzer blush and nude colored lipstick wrap the whole thing up. It’s a good getaway from the too conventional bold and too conservative neutral.

Lala look during the Critics Choice Award just this 2011. The vintage and retro panorama she brought in a formal event came to be apt by that time. The glam and the chic veneer she put up is one thing to note. The makeup placed accents on the best focal features – lips, cheeks and eyes. The cheekbones were tinted with bronze blush and shimmering eye shadow captured the eyes best set-up. Finishing the look is a glossy lip shimmer

Sheer beauty defined Keri Hilson’s makeup choice during the 2011 Critic’s Choice Awards. The makeup was purely discreet being available for both daytime and night time activities. It gives women a chance to stand out using their natural beauties. The delicate, radiant look made using shimmering makeup sets gave Keri a youthful and standout look.

It creates a flawless look which gives the cheeks a healthy flush and a soft pink blush. Liquid eyeliner and mascara outlined the eyes and added elegance to the makeup. The pink nude lipstick adds flawlessness to the features. If you think this makeup is perfect for you, then, head on to the nearest cosmetic shop and buy the things you will need.

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This cake is made up of strawberry and the vanilla extract. It is very delicious cake. The people who like the strawberry they really love it a lot.

Strawberries   : – half cup
Milk   : – half cup
Butter  : – half cup
Vanilla extract   : – 2 tea spoon
Purpose flour   : – one and half cup
Icing sugar    : – 70 gms
Vanilla Pudding Cup   : – one cup
Cheese or paneer   : – 20 gms
White sugar  : – 50 gms

Method of Preparation
  1. take a Powder sugar in a pot and liquefy the strawberries in it
  2. In another bowl make the cream by beating the sugar and butter.
  3. Then add the cheese or paneer. Then add the. Mix the vanilla pudding and also mix the strawberries which is thawed in the powder sugar
  4. Then include the flour and the baking powder and whisk it properly.
  5. To make the above batter little smooth add some milk in it.
  6. Take a pan and grease it.
  7. Keep the batter onto the pan and bake it for 45 minutes.
  8. Now allow it to cool and then you can eat it.

Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

Lindsay Lohan Shoots Commercial While on House Arrest

Apparently you can't keep this working girl down. Lindsay Lohan who has been spending some court ordered time at home as of late hasn't let her staycation go to waste. The house arrest ham
filmed a commercial from the confines of her cozy quarters to the tune of more than $25,000.

So what's Lohan hawking? She's spreading the word about an Internet penny auction website called, And according to Lohan, it's her newest obsession -- right.

"Hey to all my friends, I just want to share with you that during some of my time at home, I found this amazing site with great deals. It's called Be sure to check it out," Lohan says in the promo.

According to TMZ, Lohan was originally thrown $25K for the gig but in the end, the initial offer was reportedly far too minimal a fee for the 14 second spot. While the revised fee has not been disclosed, Lohan was also given a $10,000 credit to spend on the site.

Getting her 'Bid' clicking finger ready, Lohan also tweeted her well paid support for the company: "What's a girl to do when she's at home? Jump online to and get shopping!"

Lohan is currently serving a four month house arrest sentence for stealing a necklace from a Venice, California jewelry store. But from making bank with a split second commercial spot to throwing house arrest parties to painting, Lohan is making her court ordered reflection time look like a total breeze.

Arnold Schwarzengger Pays Child Support Before Filing for Divorce

Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver both have yet to officially file for divorce, following the shocking news of Schwarzenegger's secret love child, the former governor of
California is already paying a hefty child support to Shriver, according to Radar Online.

A source close to the couple told Radar that 'The Terminator' is paying "a significant amount of child support. Arnold is also paying for his sons, Patrick and Christopher's private school bills."

The couple has yet to take any financial agreement to court. So does this mean that both parties will be able to come to an arrangement without airing out their dirty laundry in court? Although Schwarzenegger has willingly decided to take care of his childrens' financial needs, that doesn't mean that Shriver doesn't have her own personal wealth to fall back on.

"Even though Maria is a Kennedy, and has inherited a great deal of money from her parents' estate since their deaths, she is taking the child support," the source continued. "Under California law she is entitled to the child support, once either one of them files for divorce. Maria and Arnold's lawyers have been working on a divorce settlement but in the meantime Arnold is willingly paying the money to Maria."

But just because the pair hasn't been duking it out in court yet doesn't mean that Shriver isn't doing her own digging. Shriver is currently working with forensic accountants to garner an exact reading of her husband's vast net worth. We have no doubt that, although humiliated, Shriver will be walking away from her 25 year marriage as an even richer lady.

"Maria wants to get a fair divorce settlement, and move on with her life," the source explained. "She has already begun to do so. She and Arnold talk quite often, it would surprise people how gracious Maria is being about the entire situation. Maria doesn't want the kids to suffer because of stupid decisions their father made."

But Schwarzenegger's children will be far from suffering, their father is taking care of all of his kids' educational endeavors and we're pretty sure anything else they could want -- daddy has some making up to do.

Selena Gomez Debuts 'Love You Like A Love Song' (Video)

From Japanese Karaoke goer to a 'let them eat cake' corset wearing Marie Antoinette to a space age beauty enthusiast, Selena Gomez sure is showing some range in her new music video for 'Love You Like a Love Song.'

But what's one thing that's noticeably absent from Justin Bieber's girl's video? The pastel purple ponies Gomez had painted for the video -- a move that severely angered her fellow pop songstress and animal rights activist, Pink. But what the ponies left out Gomez certainly made up for her with her best 50's Pink Lady impressions and Bohemian romance novel recreations.

"This song is fun and I wanted it to be really high fashion and different and I think we have accomplished that," Gomez told E! News.

And according to Gomez, this "fun" love song is all about her past and current flames.

"Because I'm only 18, I think love is supposed to be really fun," she explained. "So that's how I interpret it, at this point in my life. I think it's really fun and you are supposed to enjoy it, kinda dive in."

Gomez sure is 'diving in' when it comes to her wet and wild PDA with Bieber -- it's good to see this teen queen is taking her own advice. So does Gomez love the 'Baby' singer like a love song

Chris Brown Sends Rihanna Sexy Twitter Message

"You got that pic I sent you?" That's the tweet that is going to be heard 'round the world this week.

Chris Brown shot the 140 characters or less over to his ex-girlfriend Rihanna over the weekend, but removed the post -- most likely meant for Direct Message via Twitter -- quicker than you can think of blinking your eye.

Last month, Rihanna fans lit up the Internet disapproving of the 'Loud' singer's decision to follow her abusive ex-boyfriend on Twitter. "Its f***in twitter, not the alter! calm down," Rihanna responded to the backlash. Since then, their public interactions have gone the way of crickets chirping, until this latest flub on Brown's part.

While the message to Rihanna from Brown was removed quickly, fans were still able to snap a photo of the Twitter feed, which showed up on the not-too-trusty site

The question -- "You got that pic I sent you?" -- is pretty ironic too, considering Rihanna and Brown have both had nude photos of them leaked to the 'Net in the past, with many thinking the other was responsible for the unsolicited publicity.

In February, Rihanna had a judge lift the restraining order on Brown that resulted from his 2009 assault on her following a pre-Grammy party. Brown had asked that the order be lifted because it could be a "problem with award shows," where he was not allowed to come within 10 yards at any given ceremony. Both are nominated for several 2011 BET Awards.

Beyonce Botches Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Beyonce blatantly forgot the lyrics to Queen's famed 1975 hit 'Bohemian Rhapsody' while performing the song at a live show in France last weekend.

Beyonce performed the show in Nice ahead of her headlining gig at Glastonbury this coming weekend and attempted to sing Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'

Unfortunately, B very noticeably stumbled over a patch of the lyrics of the beloved tune.

We doubt that Beyonce will be blasted for her flub the way Christina Aguilera was for her treatment of the National Anthem at this year's Super Bowl, but 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is a classic.

Britney Spears (I Wanna Go) MUSIC VIDEO

Britney Spears  (I Wanna Go) MUSIC VIDEO

Evan Rachel Wood Shows Off New Pixie Cut (Photo)

What better way to start off summer than with a fresh new haircut? Evan Rachel Wood debuted a shorter 'do Tuesday night at the fourth season premiere of HBO's 'True Blood.'

The actress, 23, hit the red carpet at L.A.'s ArcLight's Cinerama Dome wearing Dolce & Gabbana vest and trousers, complete with red suspenders, according to Just Jared.

Wood, who split with rocker Marilyn Manson last summer, recently came out as bisexual during an interview with Esquire Magazine.

"Yes," she said when asked if she dates women. "I grew up in love with David Bowie. So I was always into very androgynous things. Guys, girls... I'm into androgyny in general."

She also touched upon her reputation, especially after dating Manson.

"I'm constantly changing, I'm constantly growing. I think I'm a little controversial?" she said, adding, "I just try and keep some mystery, so hopefully people can't really put their finger on it."

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis Split

After rumors that the gorgeous couple was on the rocks, it's official. Another one bites the dust in the wake of George Clooney's bachelor ways -- this time it's Elisabetta Canalis.

"We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy," the ex-pair said in a joint statement released on Wednesday.

We can't say we didn't see this coming. The Italian actress and model, 32, recently told an Italian magazine that she had no plans to live the bachelorette life forever and knew that she wanted to be married at some point -- a revelation that most likely sent Clooney, 50, who has vowed to never marry again, running.

After more than a year together, the couple was last seen together last month as they celebrated Clooney's 50th birthday. Brunette leggy beauties get your resumes together the silver fox is on the prowl.

Jennifer Aniston Sheer-ly Shows It All Off (Photo)

Every girl knows the 'stand in front of the window to see if my skirt is see through before leaving the house' test, right? Well, apparently Jennifer Aniston skipped class that day. The 42-year-old
'Friends' star caught light -- and we're assuming the attention of more than a few drooling construction workers -- on Tuesday in New York City.

Aniston looked super fit as she strutted her stuff in a gray tank, tea length sheer white linen skirt and orange strappy sandals. Good thing Aniston is sporting some sensible knickers, otherwise paps would have gotten more than an eyeful.

We wonder what Aniston's new boyfriend, Justin Theroux thinks about his new flame's fiery ensemble.

Reggie Bush Dating Kim Kardashian Look-A-Like

It sure looks at lot like Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend isn't quite over the reality show queen. The New Orleans Saints pro footballer is currently dating a Kardashian impersonator -- the same look-
a-like who channeled the raven-haired beauty in an Old Navy commercial spot earlier this year.

The stunner on Bush's arm is Melissa Molinaro, an actress trying to make it in the business with a little help from her Kardashian-like looks. Molinaro's highest publicity gig so far was the Old Navy commercial spot that had many doing a double take, wondering if the Kardashian clan's queen bee was the newest face of the affordable brand.

Bush even celebrated the Molinaro's birthday with the famous Armenian-American impersonator earlier this month at Beverly Hills' Boa Steakhouse. So does this mean that Bush isn't over Kardashian or does he just have a really specific type? You decide.

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