Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Sonam reacts over critics comments!

Sonam Kapoor had a gala time at Cannes. Apart from grabbing the camera attention, Sonam also hogged on a lot of foodstuff. But one thing that actually got the Kapoor daughter upset was her critics writing her off on her Cannes fashion.
On returning to India, Sonam voiced her anger at the media telling that it is nothing but ‘crab mentality’.
According to her, instead of criticizing her fashion sense, the critics should be proud about the fact that Bollywood is making a mark at the international level. Back in French Riviera, everybody admired her dresses so much s that she will soon be seen on the cover of an important women’s magazine.
The only strange thing that happened with Sonam while in Cannes was that she wasn’t able to watch a film as she was just too busy making public appearances and giving the photos all the looks.
Well, Sonam, we unquestionably loved your dresses at Cannes!

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