Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Riteish thinks that RGV sees me as a 'serious actor'

He scored on the laugh meter hugely with Dhamaal. And Riteish Deshmukh, star of Double Dhamaal is supremely sanguine of a hilarious reception to the sequel too.

"I think we had much more fun making Double Dhamaal," he admits laughingly. "We've added two more female characters and in the second half you'll see us in all kinds of disguises and avatars and all of that is so much fun. I do think that Double Dhamaal is an extraordinary film."

Lauding the efforts of director Indra Kumar, Riteish tells, "The credit for creating a good comedy always goes to the writer and the director. I do think that upto 80 per cent of the credit goes to them. A good director can make an average actor seem good in front of the camera and at times, can make them look extraordinary too!"

Quiz him that Ram Gopal Varma is perhaps the only moviemaker who's seen the "serious side" of him, and the actor willingly concedes stating, "It's true that Ram Gopal Varma sees me as a 'serious actor' and thinks that I'm quite a 'serious' person in real life. I'm glad that he's the one who's offered me parts that bring out this aspect of mine."

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