Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

Rahul Dholakia's next movie based on Nandigram massacre

Director Rahul Dholakia, who is known for his socio-political thrillers "Parzania" (2005) and "Lamhaa: The Untold Story of Kashmir" (2010) is now set to write a courtroom drama "Kanoon", which has a close reference to the 2007 Nandigram massacre related to land takeover in West Bengal.
"It has a close reference to the Nandigram issue. It's a courtroom drama on corporate crime. Actually, it shows how common poor people suffer, lose their lives, in the political or corporate clashes. It's something around those lines. It's a fiction set in Calcutta (Kolkata)," Dholakia said.
"Nandigram would be too direct to say. It's not Nandigram but a similar situation. But it definitely had to do with Calcutta," he included.
Dholakia had started working on it under B.R. Films a year ago, which got stalled as producer Ravi Chopra was undergoing some serious health issues.
"Almost after a year the B.R. Films has revived it again. Actually Ravi (Chopra) was not keeping well, so it got delayed. We are ready with the first draft of it. We are sitting and reviving that. Hopefully, we will finish that very soon and after that we would approach the actors," told Dholakia.
As the movie is set in Kolkata, it would surly have some Bengali cast, told Dholakia.
"It would be a star-studded film and there would be someone from Bengal as well as it's staged in Calcutta. I don't know whom we would take. Any one who has a strong feeling for Bengal would be in the film (laughs)," told Dholakia.
The national award-winning director would rope in Bengali music director for the background score to give the feel of the region.
"We would take music directors from Bengal only to do the background score and all that. This is just to keep the flavour of the place," told Dholakia.
Dholakia maintains that he has strong liking for Bengal, its music, its literature, its art and its people since he worked in making of a documentary movie "Calcutta Chronicle" long back in 1995.

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