Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Old foes Subhash Ghai and Salman friends again?

Subhash Ghai is known for making musicals, and this time he is back again with Salman Khan after the success of Yuvraj in the year 2008. A little birdie told us that Ghai and Salman met at Film City in the sets of Bodyguard.

Salman welcomed Ghai with a warm smile and got chatty with the director. Well, Ghai has been working on a new project and was gladly discussing about the future prospects. He also offered Salman to act in his next movie. Salman looked quite happy during the conversation and without thinking much; he agreed to do the role. Well, he also said “ANYTHING for you” which looked quite resounding and convincing.
Salman loved the script and said a big resounding yes. I’m sure Salman has thought over it as after Dabbang’s success, will he be able to face a flop?
I hope Subhash Ghai has something good in store for all of us this time as he has had too many flops already. He tries to convey a message but always fails to get to the audience. Though his movies have amazing music, so it sustains, but let’s hope he gives the audience something more than A MUSICAL.

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