Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Is sexy queen Mallika Sherawat dating Sheeraz Hasan?

The sex bomb of B-town has made her way in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. Well, looks like she has left Lindsay and Britney behind with her stunning body, and yes – hot looks.
Well, let us give you innocent creatures some hints. She is hot and sexy. She is the kissing queen. She is known for her BOLD scenes. And so devoted to her work, she also became a NAAGIN for a film. Yes, it IS the bold and sultry Mallika Sherawat.
The B-town babe has made it big in Hollywood and Bollywood both. She doesn’t feel shy exposing herself – well, looks like Rakhi Sawant’s long lost sister! She is not scared to speak her mind and stays positive.
What’s the latest news about her? Mallika’s friend – Sheeraz Hasan who is allegedly her CLOSEST FRIEND owns the largest paparazzi site which of course is about Hollywood. Now, apparently they are so close that Sheeraz has been promoting his dearest friend Mallika through a video which is available on the website. Well, looks like they are way too close as there are almost 20 videos of hottie MALLIKA which includes prancing around the street and getting chatty with President Barack Obama.
A little birdie told us that she is getting all the attention she needed due to her so called FRIEND Sheeraz.
Well, she knows it all. We can just gossip!!!

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