Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Before marriage with Preeti Desai, Abhay Deol wants to spend time with Guy friends

ABHAY DEOL is going to break several hearts soon after tying the knot with Preeti Desai. The two have been dating for a long time now and are set to get into the PURE institution of MARRIAGE.
Well, looks like Abhay wants to spend an entire month with his friends before he gives an authorized tag to their relationship. What’s with the one whole month?
Happy-go-LUCKY Abhay is all set for the engagement but wants to go for a fun spree with his guy friends before his wedding.
Well, the couple is extremely hot together but never made it obvious that they were going around.
It is now that we have got to know that there was something cooking between them.   Starter’s maybe, and soon they are all set to make a whole meal! Lovebirds are really happy with the decision they made yet Abhay Deol is not too keen to give out any details about the wedding and the date of course!
Also, he did not mention what is that he is going to do before marriage – THE ONE MONTH GUY SPREE?
Talking of bachelors, he is the only single guy in his forthcoming film ‘Zindaggi Millegi Naa Dobaara’. Well, the bachelor tag won’t be there for too long, hottie.

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