Samstag, 30. April 2011

Justin Bieber’s Royal Wedding Coverage: “Congrats to William & Kate”

Everyone is excited about the royal wedding. This even includes Justin Bieber!
Despite having a busy schedule of touring in Australia, Justin Tweeted his excitement about the royal nuptials!

“congrats to William and Kate …and Kate’s sister. She was a hit with @thatrygood”

Earlier he Tweeted, “Sydney goes hard!! Great show 2night…watched some of the royal wedding in the dressing room b4 the show. Looks like they needed a DJ. lol”

Justin was not the only Bieber team member excited about the wedding. Kenny Hamilton, Justin’s bodyguard, Tweeted that he wondered if Elton John would sing “Candle in the Wind” because it’s his favorite song.

He later Tweeted,”Maybe @JustinBieber will go and sing “UP” #RoyalWedding”

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