Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Liz Hurley and Shane Warne Kissing Picture

When photographs were published showing Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne kissing passionately, it seemed the perfect tabloid sting.

However, public relations experts have questioned whether the expose was all that it seemed.

They wonder why one of Britain's most photographed women and a sportsman of international renown would choose to conduct an affair in the foyers of two London restaurants frequented by the paparazzi.

Or why the couple allowed themselves to be pictured together gazing out of a hotel room window, when several photographers were outside.

PR consultant Max Clifford said: "I'm sure this wasn't set up - but it certainly could appear that way."

Another PR expert said: "It smacks of something that isn't quite right.

"The whole social media escapade was fishy to start with. You don't go flirting with somebody through Twitter.

"Liz Hurley is not a person who has courted the media with her private life, but she knows a few things about spectacular publicity stunts - you only have to think back to her safety pin dress.

"If I were cynical, I wouldn't be that surprised if they turned around and said: 'It's a joke, ha ha.' I mean, the whole thing is baffling.

"She's into organic farming, he's into drinking XXXX. What must they find to talk about?"

Hurley has spent the past few years running a swimwear and organic food business, but said recently that she wanted to revive her Hollywood career.

The 45-year-old met Warne, 41, in July and they began a public flirtation over Twitter.

One of Warne's last postings on the social networking site said he had persuaded her to appear on his Australian television chat show next month.

He also managed to use tweets to Hurley to spruik a new hamburger he has been engaged by global fast food giant McDonald's to promote during the Ashes series.

She has been invited to attend a breast cancer charity event at the Sydney Test. The messages, which are open to view, included Hurley telling Warne after their initial meeting: "Hello new Australian friend, how nice to have met you & in such sexy surroundings ..."

The photographs, and details of the couple's alleged hotel tryst, will send a blunt message to Hurley's husband, Arun Nayar.

Although their three-year marriage ended several months ago, the Indian businessman continues to live in Hurley's 400-acre farm in Gloucestershire.

The very public way in which the break-up has been disclosed could encourage Mr Nayar to return to his native India. Despite the Estee Lauder model's statement that family and friends were aware of the separation, staff at Mr Nayar's family textile business in Mumbai said on Monday night that they were "shocked" at the news.

Warne remained uncharacteristically quiet at his home in Melbourne when he returned from Britain on Monday.

He had recently reconciled with Simone Callahan, his ex-wife and mother of his three children. But after the scandal erupted, he released a statement confirming that his marriage was also over.

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