Montag, 29. November 2010

[Leaked Photos] Yana Gupta Wardrobe Malfunction

Yana Gupta talks about the most embarrassing. Err, most funny day of her life when the actress was caught at a charity event without her inner wear.
Yana Gupta did not express shock or embarrassment after she was caught on camera with a very odd situation; instead the actress goes funny saying that she has taken the entire incident very lightly and has therefore planned to endorse an underwear brand after this happened to her.
Yana expressed that initially she was known for her dance numbers and was referred to as an item girl but now she will be referred to as a no panty girl since she missed out on her underwear.
Yana said that the tag line which she will have for the endorsement will be that she has also got the panties on.

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